10 GHz States / Grids Worked List


I am active on all microwave bands, 1296 MHz thru 10 GHz, with the following equipment:

1296 MHz   The antenna for this band is a 45 element loop Yagi (just left of the 5.7 GHz horn) Coax is 7/8" pressurized air dielectric.  Rig is a SSB Electronics LT-23 transverter with a 144 MHz IF.  The IF rig is a Yaesu FT-221R which is dedicated as an IF radio for all bands 903 MHz thru 10 GHz.  IF switching is done manually with an IF patch panel.  A pair of 2C39 tubes provides about 200 watts of RF output.


2304 MHz  The antenna here is another 45 element loop Yagi (just below the 1296 MHz antenna) Coax is 7/8" Heliax.  The transverter is based on a "no tune transverter" board and uses surplus Farinon amplifier boards.  Power output is 5 watts.


3456 MHz  The antenna.....yes, you guessed it....a loop yagi. (just above the 5.7 GHz horn)  Coax is 7/8" Heliax.  The transverter is a combination of surplus items, a TVRO LNA, California Microwave LO and Western Electric power amps.  Output power is 7 watts.


5760 MHz  The antenna at 105 feet is a homebrew 20 db horn made from sheet copper.  A short section of Superflex around the rotor connects the antenna to pressurized elliptical waveguide.  The transverter is a collection of surplus items, a DR-6 preamp for the front end and an Aventek 10 watt power amp for the output.


    10 GHz  The antenna is a 24 inch diameter "Kruth Special" fed with a section of WR-90 flex connected to EW90 pressurized elliptical waveguide.  The transverter is made from SSB Electronics boxes which were assembled by W4OJK (sk).   A modified Ku band LNB is used for the LNA.  Power output is courtesy of a Hughes TWT capable of a little over 20 watts.  T/R switching is done with a waveguide relay.


The tower is 100 feet of Rohn 45G.  View to the far horizon is 30+ miles in all directions.





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