Stone Tower Information


The stone tower is actually a historic structure that is at the north end of my
house. The stone tower replaced a wooden tower on the same site. The wooden
tower was built by Richard Frederick Fuller in 1861 (an associate of the writer

Thoreau - Walden Pond is literally just around the corner from me).

The Tower was used as a 'writer's retreat', a place where Fuller came to write. The

wooden tower burned down and was replaced by the stone tower (and attached house)

in 1929. This part of town is actually called Tower Hill in honor of the Tower. There is

an abandoned rail line (Central Mass Rail Line) a couple hundred feet from my property,

and there was a "Tower Hill" station there:

Tower Hill (the old train station down the street from my house) shows up on mapquest:

The third floor sun room now functions as a secondary radio shack w/ receivers and indoor loops.



This plaque is above the fireplace on the first floor of the tower




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